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Crim running.... remember the fun

Hey All,

This Saturday John and I headed up to run the Crim. John ran the 10 miler and I ran the 8k.

It was the first time in about 3 years that I have taken the early morning drive to Flint and all I can say it, IT WAS WORTH IT!

If you have been with the club awhile you may remember days when we had as many as 35 YPOMer's run various events. The Crim used to be the kick off for longer fall races.

In the past 3 years I myself, have switched gears. Running so many marathons in one year has taken many of the small local races out of my schedule.

It took John wanting to run the Crim for me to sign up again. While I did not run the 10 mile race (since I just ran a marathon 6 days ago) I wanted to do something and the 8k was the perfect answer since 5 miles was actually on my schedule to run.

Now I know we all like to take the longest race option we can at most races but I want to highlight the Crim's 8k.

The start was at 9:30a (this by the way is not a highlight as you still need to get to Flint soooo early) plenty of time to pick up packets, watch the start of the 10 mile and go back to the car for a nap. After the 10 mile takes off there are no lines for bathroom too!

The 8k course has everything the full 10 miles have but better! Yes you still get the Bradley Hills but more important you get the wonderful spectators that have been drinking for hours and are raring to go. The crowd support was awesome.

Another huge bonus was beer and shots!

Yes, you no longer have to wait until mile 3 to have a little pick me up.

At just under a mile a wonderful frat boy was waiting with vodka, bloody mary mix (both taken right from the bottle fraternity style) and freshly cooked bacon. YES BACON!

Then came the pre hill beer, a middle of the hill beer (it was a full can there) and of course the very much needed post hill beer.

After all that it was a wonderful mile long down hill to the finish!

I don't know if my time was a pr for an 8k but it was the most fun I've had in a long long time.

Sooooo, that being said I hope that next year we will have once again a large group willing to drive out to Flint at the crack of dawn to celebrate running. Whether your goal is to run fast, finish 10 miles, 8k or the 5k the Crim was a wonderful time.

As long as the date doesn't mix with the Jackson Hole marathon, I'll be back for sure.

Share your favorite Crim memory.

5 miles even in humidity was never so much fun.