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I got a lot of funny looks when I said I was running the Detroit Freep Half +.  My plan was to race the half, PR, then catch up with Meg at Belle Isle and finish the marathon with her.  Since I only had a Half bib, I was a little concerned I might get pulled off the course.  That’s when Ricky Rick’s misfortune turned into my benefit.  Rick was very kind to let me use his bib with a few restrictions:  “as long as you are not planning on defecting, staging some type of heist, or some other ill-begotten activity wearing my number, I'm okay with it.”  Ready to run!

After PRing the Brooksie and having no physical excuses and perfect weather, I was feeling pretty good about hitting my new goals at Detroit.  Starting in Coral A was exciting, surrounded by lots of really fast people.  Of course I got caught up in the excitement and started out too fast.  Some guy wearing a Pittsburgh Marathon shirt passed me around mile 2, it was Jim M, I had to catch up with him to say, “Good Luck.”  He was very focused, determined, and sped away quickly.  The rest of my race had the normal ups and downs:  Huffing and puffing going up the bridge, 5 seconds faster than my goal at the 10K point, hitting mile 8 realizing I’m going way to fast and having to slow down for a mile to recover, holding on until the finish as runner after runner passed me.  I missed my goal by about 2 minutes, but it was still a good race.

Now the fun part!  After I got my medal, ate a banana, chocolate milk, apples and granola, I hopped back into the race on Michigan Avenue and stayed left at the split this time.  I ran with the runners to the halfway point and was happy to cheer Meg and then Julie on their first marathon journey.  Next a quick jog to Belle Isle.  I got to cheer Jim M again as he came off of Belle Isle, still looking strong.  Then the tricky part, I had Rick’s bib on under my half bib.  I snuck behind an abandoned building and put the full marathon bib on top of my half and removed all the timing tags.  

A few minutes later, here comes Meg!  I just popped out of the crowd and joined her on the way to Belle Isle.  After 19 miles and perhaps starting a little too fast, she was still looking pretty good!  The winds on Belle Isle slowed us down quite a bit, and I had to stop and stretch my IT band.  Coming back across the bridge we saw Otto making his way onto the island, a little less cheerful than the early morning picture.  

We ran by a lot of “greenies” struggling between 22 and 24.  I tried some encouraging words, you never know if it might help someone.  Around 24.5 I was in a pretty good mood and here comes Kevin and Paula, out of the blue.  Music was blaring and I starting singing along with the Lynyrd Skynyrd tune.  I started to feel a little guilty.  I hadn’t run as far as all of these people, so I tried to cool my enthusiasm a bit.  

Mile 25:  After a little slow down on last hill, Meg kicked it up and finished her first marathon with a strong 4:01!  As she got her medal, several volunteers tried to give me a medal.  I just shook my head to their quizzical looks.  I had only ran a Half + of 25.25 miles.
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