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First Ever Full Marathon - Freep - Tim Cripsey

Sue asked me to add this..

Detroit Full Marathon – Thoughts by the Miles

These are my thoughts from the Sunday Freep marathon.  My first ever....

Mile 0

Nervous, cold, wondering why am I doing this. I must be crazy. Should be growing old gracefully. Still time to get out of this if I move quickly. Don’t let fear show. Should have gone to the bathroom.

Mile 1

I trip over sweater in road (don’t ask how). Do a pretty good barrel roll for an old fart, then apologize to the lady next to me for getting in her way. English manners at all times. That could have been disastrous…

Miles 2 and 3

Running up the bridge – spectacular. Freighter passing underneath at the same time. Wow – there are a lot of people on this bridge. Wonder what the weight limit is?

Miles 5 & 6

Proper bathroom in Windsor – woo hoo! 2 guys waiting – this will be fast. What do you mean – there’s a lady in the Men’s? And she’s taking AGES… Can’t wait – got to catch up the group. Wow - they have gone really fast. Little legs going back and forth really fast, thighs about to catch fire. Feeling pretty good – Detroit looks really pretty from across the river.

Mile 7

Tunnel time. Various feelings – warmth, downhill, uphill?, lack of air, grumpy U.S. customs and immigration persons, fresh air – ahhh!, woh it’s fresh out here, home sweet home. Still feeling good.

Miles 8 & 9

Cool - we’re going under Cobo – nice change from last year.

Miles 10

Why are we running away from the city? Are we going the wrong way? I have really got to pee – can’t run with crossed legs much longer. I think I can make it past the half marathon point, then it should be quieter.

Miles 11 – 13

Beginning to dread the split. Having to say goodbye to our running buddies Joachem and Kevin, who will be tailgating in 10 minutes. Why, oh why, did I say “let’s do a full marathon”? Was I sober?

Mile 13

The dreaded split – like being sent home when everyone is going to a really cool party. Listen to the crowds roar – can I change my mind? This is officially the worst point of the race so far. On top of that, I really need a bathroom now. Past the “people who are not allowed into Canada”, I mean, US –Only half marathoners – they look so clean and fresh and damn happy.

Mile 13 -16

Catch up with Greg and Tracy who started in an earlier corral. Traci’s doing well, Greg is sweating profusely in his Harvard sweatshirt (I never knew he went to Harvard). At last - a porta potty line that is reasonable. “Guys – keep going, I’ll catch you” – dumbest statement of the year – 15 minutes later I catch them, gasping and wheezing. Bad idea…

Miles 16 - 18

Indian Village – really cool. Greg has to stop for a bathroom break. This is the moment we split up or decide to run together. We decide to stick together, Greg dumps the Harvard sweater and is a new sasquatch/man.

Mile 19

Yes! Yes! The cavalry have arrived – Jodie, Jan and Doug. Thank goodness, as my legs are starting to get a little heavy…

Mile 19 – 23

Belle Isle – where di d the wind come from? Need to get my mind off things – I start prattling to Traci about my parents. She probably understands none it, but nods and says Yes at the appropriate times – what a trooper.

Why are we doing this? Nipples getting sore, time for Vaseline – no pride on the Belle Isle bridge.

Miles 23 -25

Where did the magnets in my shoes holding my feet to the ground come from? I have the world’s heaviest legs, even if they are short.

Jodie drops 20 dollars on the road – sorry, no way I can reach down there. Remember to do the basics – left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot….. Don’t look at the Ren Cen – it’s miles away.

Mum and Dad call in on Skype. We go live across the water to England. I hold the phone up in the air and ask a group of 30 random runners following to “Say Hello to Mum in England” – which they do – awesome! A brief chat, a group good bye and on we go.

Three people pass on Segways - can I push one of them off and ride in? Is that legal? Here’s Kevin M. – cheerleader extraordinaire. Here are the Scottish guys, with nothing on under their kilts (sorry , Jodie) and beer.

Maybe, just maybe, we are going to do this after all….

Mile 25

A hill – what do you mean – a hill? By the Ren Cen? ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!! Doug’s singing but it’s not helping – I want to sing but I am too tired. But then - we are at the top. We can do this, we are actually going to do this– yippee ki-ay…..!!! Here’s Paula M – woo hoo!!

Mile 26

More beer – this time from the Siragusa’s . We can hear the crowd at the finish line. We are going to do it and we are going to run in all four of us together – like we had discussed for the last 5 months. Disney has nothing on us – we are coming home. We see the cheering section in the crowd (hi, honey!, Kevin M, Jackie S and Terese E.), we line up four abreast (get that stranger out of the way)., hold hands and SMILE!!! Think I may have photo-bombed Traci’s face…!

Mile 26.2

Unbelievable feelings – pride, pain, relief, friendship, accomplishment, tears, hugs, photos.
THE FINISH LINE - A truly amazing moment in life! October 20, 2013