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  This club is open to all.  We do not matter how slow or fast you are.  We have members that run all speeds.  Our objective is to have company for our runs, support each other, and to have fun.  We do not charge membership fees!

  To become a member, simply run with us.  Once it is apparent you are here to stay you can be added to the members page.  Simply provide Joe with a writeup about yourself (try to limit it to about 700 characters) and a photo.  Email those, do not post, to jterran AT comcast DOT net.

  If this is your first time here and you want to run with us, consider posting an introduction in the forum.  Either a new post, or as a reply to a group run you are planning to attend.  Let us know a little about yourself and that you are showing up and we'll look for you.  This is not required - you can just show up if you wish.

  Do not get frightened off by group run posts talking about long mileage runs.  The weekend run postings are typically dominated by people training for various marathons.  By no means is everyone running that far.  If you see a post, "planning to run 18 miles on Saturday, who wants to join me," you can bet that others will be coming that are running 10, or 6, or 3.  Usually everyone starts together, and the shorter ones turn around sooner, or adjust the route accordingly.
  Posts are not moderated before posting, however the admins can delete any they find objectionable.  This has never been a problem so far.  Everyone is open to post, but please review previous posts to avoid duplication.

  Consider using the "Reply to author" option rather than the straight "Reply" if your conversation has no value to the whole group.  (This option is available under "More" when viewing a post.)  As the number of members has grown the number of posts are in danger of overwhelming us.  If you have your account set to email you every post immediately, you know what I mean.

  Please post under the appropriate topic heading.  If it has to do with group runs, place it under that topic.  If you are announcing a future race, place it under "Upcoming Races".  If it is a non-running related gathering, place it under "Social Events".  You get the idea.

  If you have a general question about training, nutrition, gear, etc., read the "Training Tips/Advice" topics before posting to see if your answer is already there.

  When posting upcoming races, place it under the approriate month heading under "Upcoming Races".  Please place the date of the race and the name of the race in the subject.

  Occasionally an admin will delete posts that are obsolete, such as past races or questions that were answered and no longer are useful.  If you are registered and a thread is deleted that contained a post of yours, you will automatically receive an email from Nabble with an attachment of the post that is being deleted.  This is a service that Nabble provides and I don't see any way of asking it to not send you deleted posts.  So just delete the emails when they come.  Of course you do have the option of saving the deleted message at that time.

This document will be updated as needed.  Any suggestions, feel free to reply and I will incorporate your additions as needed.