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Paint Creek Trail - Duck Pond
For these runs we meet at the main parking lot for the Rochester Municipal Park. This is right next to the police station, and there is a large pond across from the lot, with of course, lots of ducks. The address is approximately 580 Pine Street, Rochester. (There is no "580" posted anywhere, that location will put you at the right place if you punch it in your GPS device.) Pine Street is located a block or two west of Main Street. Coming from the west, the easiest way to get there is down University (which is Walton Blvd further west), then turn left at the closest light to Main Street.

There are many other places you can park to access the trail, including Ludlow, Dutton, Silverbell, Gallagher and Clarkston.

There are full bathrooms at the police station next to this lot. One men's and one women's room, single serve, but large enough to change clothes in before or after the run. One outhouse on the trail, but it is about 6 miles or more from the duck pond. One water fountain on the trail about 3.5 miles out. Water fountain only in service during the warm weather (May-September?).

Stony Creek - Boat Launch
Stony Creek Metropark's address is 4300 Main Park Road, Shelby Township. You need a Metroparks annual sticker ($30) to enter, or must purchase a day pass ($5). To get to the park from the west, take Tienken (which becomes 25 Mile) and turn left on Shelby Road. Within about a mile you will see a sign for the park, keep to the left. Once inside the park take the first left, just past the Eastwood Beach is the Boat Launch. Bathrooms and warming room available.

Polly Ann Trail
This long trail runs through Orion, Oxford, Addison, Leonard. This trail is a lot less populated than Paint Creek. There are different spots to jump on the trail, this is where we normally meet:
Indianwood Parking Lot:  Coming from the south, take M24 through Lake Orion to Indianwood Road (directly across from Kroger as you leave Lake Orion). Head west until you pass Joslyn. The lot will be about another 1/4 mile on the right, there is a sign there. Limited parking at this spot, if a big turnout people will need to park in subdivisions a short ways away.

The only bathrooms are a couple of miles down as you pass through town. These are in local businesses so if running early in the morning can't guarantee they are open.

Clinton River Trail
The Clinton River Trail is a recreational multi-use trail on 16 miles of abandoned rail line through the heart of Oakland County, including the cities of Sylvan Lake, Pontiac, Auburn Hills, Rochester Hills and Rochester. It connects with the existing West Bloomfield Trail to the west and the Macomb Orchard Trail to the east.
Avon and Livernois Road:  Parking lot is on southeast side of intersection. Restrooms available.

Bald Mountain
Trail run shared by mountain bikers. The loop we usually run is about 7 miles. There is a small lot on the west side of Harmon Road just barely south of Predmore Rd. Note that you are supposed to have a State Park pass on your car to park there. The rangers don't come by often, but you never know.

Indian Springs Metro Park
5200 Indian Trail
White Lake, MI 48236

Go to the link for driving directions from your location.

North Oakland YMCA
The YMCA is located at 3378 E. Walton Blvd, Auburn Hills. It is on the south side of Walton, just west of Squirrel. These runs usually meet in the lobby and then run down Squirrel or east on Walton through the University. Also a popular meeting place when carpooling to races. Bathrooms available in the lobby.

Musson Elementary (Siragusa Runs)
Sometimes we run a route near Siragusa's house that includes all or a portion of the Brooksie Way route. If you do not know where they live, park at Musson Elementary, 3500 Dutton Road, Rochester Hills. The school is on the north side of the road, about 1/3 mile west of Adams Road, and south of Squirrel Road.

O'Connor's Public House
Our favorite meeting spot after runs, it is located at 324 Main Street, Rochester, just south of 4th Street. Parking in the back.