Kensington Marathon, my first

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Kensington Marathon, my first

A beautiful setting around the lake, the weather was promising. It was humid as the sun was rising. I got checked in and then set my wife up on the beech new the start/finish line which I would eventually cross 3 time. There were about 120 marathoners in the chute and I was comfortably set up near the back.

Trying to decide if I was going to walk the first mile or not when we started. Holding back I started to run very slow and found 3 ladies(looked experienced) and decided not to pass and to tuck in behind and pace with them.

The first 15 miles went by pretty good. Even after copious amounts of body glide my nipples began to bleed. I didn't notice, this just a burning sensation until mile 17 when I stopped at my wife's "aid station" to swap out my hand held "iskiate" I had been training low HR, low carb and running on ketones so I passed on gatorade and gu's. Another application of body glide and I was off, alone. 11:30 pace avg so far

The next two miles were a struggle, my feet and hips were hurting. I felt great other wise I ate a cave man bar and was well hydrated(based on output and color) This is when I was glad for my hand held. The aid stations seemed far and few between. I was walking/ running intervals now. Filling my held held and drinking some at the aid stations.

I went down on one knee for a selfie at mile marker 19 and struggled to get up. It was getting hot, pain in my feet worse and the marathon was about to start.

I stopped and did some loosening  up and stretching as I felt my hamstrings and calves beginning to knot up. I trudged on

I spotted a hand well pump and decided to soak my hat and shirt as I was coming up to a long stretch of only sun. This was a nice break except the deer flies, the pain in my feet is almost unbearable. With tears streaming down my face I struggle to walk at a 15 to 19 mm until miles 23.

I had pocketed some gu"s in case of an emergency and this was it. Praying they were laced with vicodin I tried my first gu ever, gross. I was only able to get about 1/3 down and I was now sitting on a bench looking out on the lake. This was awful, 3.2 miles I can do, looking at what 3.2 miles looks like by seeing it stretched on the shore line had me defeated. I cant go that far.

I got up and started to run, I cranked up my tunes loud really LOUD and was blessed by Pandora. I began to dance a little, sing a little and look foolish a lot. I was running! I pulled down my visor now crossing mile 25 focused on the 3 feet in front of me running straight down the yellow line of the bike path. I didn't care about traffic anymore , go around me or hit me it didn't matter.

Emotions were were high. Crying to laughing sometimes at the same time and I can feel the finish. An older way more experienced runner asked to run with me. I entertained him for a while enough to hear he bonked and was just getting back in it. Then tuned out again with music. Mile 26 sign post, I see my wife, I am still running. I haven't died

The guy decides to challenge the pace and I oblige him. I state as I come alongside I won't pass I will finish with you. His reply " lets see what you got" set me off in a sprint. My wife was running alongside cheering us on, I smoked him. Felt like I won the Olympic gold.

My HR monitor was warning me "over max heart rate". "Oh shit" I thought. Now I have done it. Its too high, its too hot It wont come down and I am going to die! I head back out on the coarse walking it down only to be caught by race volunteer to hand me a water. Then another to hand me my medal as I continued to walk. As my wife caught up and congratulate me I just started balling. She said "Kim told me you would cry" interesting I wish someone would have told me.

I was able to cool down and my heart rate was normal in about 2 minutes(mind games) I splashed around a bit at the shore line then got some after race food, did i mention that my legs hurt. My finish was within my expectations 6:14 yet I feel disappointed and encouraged to improve

Will I do it again? Hell yes

The race it self was fairly low budget. I would wear my hydration pack next time. 3 out of 5 stars. A fair deal for the price of 50 bucks.

Today the day after I feel great. I could run but will follow Hal Higdon's novice marathoner recovery planner. So tomorrow I have a full body massage on my training calander