My First 1 Mile Race

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My First 1 Mile Race

Ricky Rick
I raced my first 1 mile event on Saturday March 30 at the April Fools Run in Clarkston, MI finishing with a time of 6:11.  

Being my first 1 mile race, I really had no idea of how it would go, and now that's it is over, I still don't!  

After conferring with a couple of running veterans, I decided to break the race up into quarters and try to run even splits.  That was all fine and dandy until the start of the race when I lost feel of my pace for only about 200 meters or so but apparently, that was enough to spell my doom.

Man, it all happened so fast.  One minute I was standing there waiting for the start, the next I was running too flipping fast, the next I could sense my goal time of a sub-6:00 slipping away from me, the next I was just hanging on for dear life, and the next it was over.  Just like that!

My quarter mile splits were:

I actually ran a lot faster than my first split indicates, ignorantly playing follow the leader at a 5:30 pace for the first 200 meters, before finally finding my pace.  

I also registered for and ran the 10k, which going into it I had no idea how I would feel after racing a mile, but surprisingly, it really wasn't all that bad.  I finished with a time of 44:07, knocking some 52 seconds off of my previous time.

My 10k mile splits were:

That I was able to go sub-7:00 in the sixth mile is a huge confidence booster.  This was my first 10k since December 2011, and up until recently it was a distance that puzzled me.  Training with Daniels however, I now appreciate how perfect this distance is in terms speed, endurance, and lactate threshold training.

I will look to clean those splits up during my next one whether I race a mile beforehand or not.  I know I can do much better.

As for the mile, I am just getting started with that bad boy.  It is a great test of fitness for anyone who would like to know just how fast they can run.  But as with all distances, there is pacing involved, something I didn't get quite right my first time out.

Next time baby!

Thanks for reading