Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Report

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Myrtle Beach Marathon Race Report

Tales from they Myrtle Beach Marathon Feb 18th, 2012

Hello again my friends,

Last Saturday I completed marathon number 2 of my year of marathons. Oh boy what stories I have to tell!

Beware you know I’m long winded in my story telling.

Friday started with a 4:30 wake up and drive to Metro Airport to catch our early morning flight to Myrtle Beach. Who’s on the road at 5:00am, well I guess it’s everyone in the free world. I couldn’t believe the amount of cars on the road but it was a smooth uneventful ride. As we were boarding the plane Michele and I talked to this adorable 57-year-old woman. She was so excited because this was her first flight. As a firm believer in Karma I restrained myself from telling her that everyone raises their hands at take off and braces for impact on landing. It was fun to think up stuff we could tell a first time flyer.

Myrtle Beach in February is way off-season. The average temps are highs of 60’s lows of 40’s, while not great for sun bathing or swimming in the ocean it was perfect for running!

The expo was located right in our hotel to we were able to leave our luggage with the front desk and walk around the corner to get our race stuff. As race swag goes Myrtle Beach totally rocked, well totally rocked if you were a woman. This year’s shirt was a very pretty purple with white sleeves. In addition we received a nice white towel (the perfect face wiping gym size) and white arm warmers with pretty pastel writing.

Veronica and Jason met us and after shopping the small expo we headed off for race supplies at the Piggly Wiggly. What is a Piggly Wiggly you ask? Well in our case it was a shady grocery store about 2 blocks from the hotel. Armed with bagels, bananas and a Lady Case of Beer (you know a Mic Ultra 18 pack with the slim cans so you don’t gain weight, thanks Michele for naming that one) we ate a quick lunch and headed back for an easy night in. Leah and I ate the pasta dinner, Veronica and Jason held off for a later meal and Michele met her old boss for seafood. All was well in Marathon land, in our rooms by 8p and in bed by 9p. Yes we were good girls!

Marathon morning came way too early with another 4:30a wake up call. Some of us didn’t sleep so well (sorry Leah and Michele) but we managed to make it to the lobby where we met the nicest group of Marathon Maniac’s. They were awesome folks.

Okay I know some of you think I’m crazy for doing the marathon (or 3) a month but these folks make me an underachiever. When asked how many marathons were on their schedule, most of them had 36 plus! Makes my 16 look like child’s play. There even was a group of 4 guys that were driving to Maryland after the marathon so that they could run a marathon the next day!
The next part of this story is proof that no matter how many races you have run, you can still make stupid mistakes.

Even though the race start was less than half a mile from our hotel we gratefully took the shuttle to get us there in enough time to gear check, potty stop and get in our race pace area. We were busy and just on time so please understand this as you read.
As I got to my area the race began, no really I just arrived and boom the cannon signaling the start went off. I started out with what I thought was an easy pace but after 4 miles I realized that, hey I was on my BQ pace and felt pretty good so I thought I would try to stay there as long as possible.

Myrtle Beach is a very flat course and if you look for it, offers many distractions like the duck wearing a sweatshirt at mile 8ish at a nail salon. No I hadn’t been drinking (yet) it really was a live duck in a sweatshirt sort of dancing to a boom box!

We ran along many businesses, hotels with just a peak or two at the ocean, and residential areas. I loved it but at about mile 13 my feet really were feeling sore. Again I looked down and saw that I was still on pace fore my BQ time.

Mile 17.5 disaster struck for me. A runner was down in full cardiac arrest. Two ambulances were there, a runner was giving CPR compressions; it was a grave grave sight that will stay with me forever. I was so shook up that I started to hyperventilate and couldn’t help the tears that clogged by throat. At the time I was running with two other gentlemen. They were both as shook up as I. One runner even announced that he was done and wouldn’t run anymore. Did he ever finish? I don’t know but I could understand how he felt. After that all my aches and pains started to bother me, especially my feet. I decided to slow way down and just run what I could without pushing.

 Hey I knew I would finish but no longer had the will to push too far from my comfort zone. I was sooo happy to see the finish line cause my feet were killing me. After getting my gear check, food and of course a cold beer I just had to sit down.

Now usually after a marathon I don’t want to take off my shoes if I know I have to put them back on but my feet were really killing me. I met the Marathon Maniac’s from that morning and exchanged stories as I sat to take my shoes off. Dave, a really nice Maniac (you know I mean that with great admiration) helped me take my shoes off.

I thought we both were going to die with laughter. You see in my hurry to pack my marathon shoes I slipped my inserts in the wrong feet. Yes I did run 26.2 miles with my shoes on the opposite feet! OUCH on so many levels! I felt and still do, like a complete idiot! Wondering what my time was, well I’m proud to say I ran a 4:12:14 and took out state number 11, marathon number 14 all half ass backwards!

Leah, Michele and Veronica all came in looking fabulous! Myrtle Beach was a success for us all.

Back at the hotel it was time to celebrate!

After once again taking off my shoes I discovered the grossest blood blister, strike that 2 of the grossest blood blisters ever. Need proof, just ask John to see the picture I texted him of both feet (which he shared with my sons over dinner, Thanks Dad).

After a quick clean up it was time to take our bodies down to the pool for a soak and to drink that Lady Case. Both were successfully done.

Many stories can be told about the fine folk that we met in the Jacuzzi but I’ll save that for when you see me in person. Don’t forget to ask me about the long journey home and why you should always take a direct flight. If you feel the need you may joke about me not knowing my right foot from my left or make the suggestions like John made about putting large R and L’s on my inserts so I never mix them up again.  

Hope you’re still awake after this long long report. Next on tap… Little Rock Arkansas Mar 4th  (next Sunday!)