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Mike Fitzgerald
Well my fifteen minutes of fame has passed.   Lately, no one has asked me to take a picture with them.  I have not been called awesome in days.  Not one person has bowed at my presence.   Just back to being me (thank goodness!)  

But now that the dust has settled on my moment of glory, I’d like to take an opportunity to thank the many people that made this experience so wonderful.  

First and foremost, to my lovely wife Kristen, for all of the hard work she put in to planning everything:   the lunch, the chocolate cigars, the signs, the fat heads, “Elvis” Mike, the candy, Lucky Charms, meeting me on the course, rescuing Ken from his vehicular breakdown, and countless other things that went into making this weekend so memorable.   We all wish you could have stayed and enjoyed the fruits of your labor, you were certainly missed.   But glad you got to participate in the sign making activity the night before, even though I was sent to bed early!

To our son Shane and Jessie, for making the trip down through Cubs victory parades and multiple traffic accidents.   Thanks for seeing me off to the race and for cheering me in.  And thanks again for breakfast the next day!

To our son Ken, for trying to make it down and surviving the temporary demise of the Impala Deen.   You were with me in spirit as you always are!

To my father, Gary, my sister, Erin, and my brother Patrick, his wife Sarah and their son Aiden.   Thanks for making the long trip down and celebrating the finish with Silly String and great signs!

To my cousin Larry, his wife Renee and their daughter Jessica for taking time out of their schedule to make it down for the big finish!

To John and Sue for the ride home and for all their support along the course.   John – I look forward to your 50th!  And Sue, what a pleasure it has been running all these races and sharing all of these experiences with you.   We should write a book!   Thanks so much for setting up the pub crawl, for the cigars, the ice tray, the buttons, and all that you do.    

To fellow 50-stater and member of the Colorado chapter of YPOM, Hoa.  I am so happy you were able to make it out and appreciate all of your help during the weekend!  Looking forward to more good times during future runs! Ho No!

To future 50-stater, Leah – we’ve had some great trips and it has been a pleasure running with you all over the country.   I believe it was during our Lincoln run where I coined the phrase, “These miles aren’t going to run themselves!”   Thanks for the photos from Wyoming!  Your day will be here soon!

To future 50-stater, Matt, for helping me set my BR last year and for chasing me around the course in Indy.   You were also noted for providing the one true disturbing photo of the weekend!  Looking forward to Little Rock!

To Joe T, webmaster and facebook administrator – thanks for putting together the official race playlist and keeping me company - though I hope I didn’t interfere with any stalking opportunities during the race.   It always has been and will be an honor to run with you.

To Jim M:  clown, unicyclist, PR man.   You could have run two marathons in the time you ran the one with me Saturday.   I appreciate the patience that you must have had to be on your feet that long, and glad to see you managed to stay out of the bars during this race.  You are a class act.

To Rich, a true gentleman runner, instead of leaving me in your dust – which you could have easily done – you made the first seven miles of the marathon very enjoyable.  Thanks for sticking with me!

Divesh, my hero for the day.   How you managed to still have a can of Hopslam, and be willing to part with it is beyond me.   I truly don’t think I could have finished the race without that magical moment.

Kristin, Jim C, Sharon– we started the race together but were separated before long, but it was a pleasure running with you.  Thanks for coming down and sharing the day with me.

To the other runners that I didn’t get to see during the race:   Casey, Scott, Donna, Dave, Kirt, Joe B, Deb, Lauryn, Melissa, Jim E, Devin (Congrats on the PR!), Christy, Karen, Sue B, Jodie and Stephanie.   What a great day to run, thanks for being a part of it!

Those of you that came down just to watch:  Lisa and Rick, Neil and Nancy, Tom and Liz, Kevin and Paula, Mike R, Christina, Cari; wow – it meant so much to have you there!   Thanks for making the trip down and providing lots of laughs!

And to the folks who cheered me on from afar, especially Sarah, Tim and Hannah Pete, Argenta, Veronica, Jen K, Jen B, Mike and Gillian, Matt S, Mike S, Erin S, Tim, Tom, Nora, Julie, Jo and Bill, Paul, Cathy, Dan and Judy, Charles, Derek and Lisa, Ashok and Linda and the rest of the YPOM crew.   Thanks for all of your support.

I’m sure I’m forgetting a lot of people, but please know you are all in my heart.  I feel truly blessed to be surrounded with such great people!    To all of you that made it down to Indy, I hope you had a great time!

I’d like to give a couple of special thanks:

To Lisa Jost, who also ran her 50th state during Indianapolis.   It was a pleasure meeting you and looking forward to seeing you at the club reunion in Illinois next April.   A special thanks to race director Blake Boldin and his staff for accommodating my request for bib 50 and making me feel like race royalty.