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This information was emailed to our club in regards to reviews of treadmills. Seems like good info, I cannot vouch for the ratings/reviews.


As you probably have experienced, there are often times when you wish you could go out and run a mile or ten, but due to events such as bad weather, football games, family commitments, or just getting out of work late, it’s sometimes impossible to get out of the house and run. Many runners have conveniently turned to treadmills to supplement their outdoor running and so that competitive runners don’t skip a beat during training. Because of this, we have developed a completely free resource to help runners choose the best treadmills for their needs - saving them time and possibly money by providing in-depth guides and expert reviews.

My team, which is comprised of researchers and industry experts, dedicated many hours examining and evaluating over 95 different Treadmills. Based on a number of data points, we were able to narrow that list down leaving us with 19 standout Treadmills. Industry expert Andre Ashley and our research team conducted a thorough review of each of those options, evaluating 68 different features. The end result was a data-driven, non-biased rating for each of those treadmills.

You can see the guide, reviews, and ratings here:

Anybody who is in need of a quality treadmill would be saving a lot of time and energy by using our resource to help guide them as they make an otherwise laborious and, oftentimes, blind decision on buying a treadmill.