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"Jolly John SiraGU" - John Siragusa's Theme

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Again, to counter Sarah's allegations, here is my new poem is about John SiraGU.  Dedicated to anonymous runner girl.
Jolly John SiraGU

Jolly John SiraGU
Is quite a lucky man
Married to Sweet Sue
She of the golden bronze tan
Her hair so soft
Blowing in the breeze
Almost hypnotizing
Week in the knees
Those soft shoulders
Her sleek slender arm
Waving as she passes
You know she'll do no harm
Her runner's toned legs
Swiftly gliding past
Her bright shiny smile
Makes you swoon so fast
Dreaming of her each night
Knowing it can't be
Since she married John
Even though he doesn't deserve someone as great as her, hopefully nothing bad ever happens to him running on the Paint Creek Trail or in his sub alone in the twilight

There you go!  Obviously I have no Sue fixation if I can write a whole poem about her husband!  So lay off Sarah.
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OMG Is this what happens when you are temporarily retired?

Sue, I think tall Joe is in love with you!! John/hubby has some serious competition!  If my Timbo ever came up with something like this...well, that's better left unsaid!